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ALX2+ R2 new

256KB ROM + 256KB Flash
256KB Write Protected ROM preprogrammed with your choice of the latest BIOS, and also 256KB User Programmable Flash area that can be updated using EvolutionX

Multi-BIOS selection & Mod Disable
Booting from the BIOS in either the 256KB ROM or 256KB Flash, or booting the original onboard ROM, all done by using the front panel POWER & EJECT buttons

The first XBOX mod that gives you the option of programming your own BIOS with the peace of mind of knowing if anything goes wrong you always have a backup BIOS available.

Custom ICs allow booting of the original BIOS with mod disable, the user programmable BIOS or the backup BIOS using the front panel buttons. This means once you are done installing, you will never have to open up the box again to disable the mod, select which BIOS to boot, or to reprogram your BIOS.

Available right now to distributors & partners. Please contact alxmod@mail.com for more information. Click on picture above for installation & usage. No end users please.